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Water Quality Analysis

At Aquatic Doctors we believe in the quality analysis of your water. We feel it is vital to know the exact condition of your aquatic system. Any existing problems should be identified and corrected as soon as possible. We use a leading independent professional laboratory to do our analyzing. Their specialty is detecting, even the smallest, contamination and impurities. Water systems are very sensitive and even a slight problem can quickly lead to a serious one. We feel this small service can ultimately save you a substantial amount of time and money. Each analysis will vary in price, please call for detailed pricing.

Lake/Pond Surveys

Aquatic Doctors offer thorough lake/pond surveys. Depending on your needs, we offer: in-depth on-site surveys, necessary water quality analysis, aquatic plant identification, detailed mapping (GPS), and plant acreage assessment. Every survey is completed by an experienced aquatic biologist, fully certified with the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Vegetation surveys follow the guidelines set forth by the MDEQ. We will offer objective opinions and justifiable management strategies to each custom survey.


Aquatic Doctors offer aquatic plant harvesting. Harvesters are used to cut the vegetation, remove it from the water, and dispose of the plant matter onshore. This technique offers a few unique benefits; no material left behind to decay, lowering oxygen levels and adding to silt build up. Also, instant access to cleared areas, no delays for chemical use. In certain situations harvesting is a viable option; please contact Aquatic Doctors for site specific information.

Herbicide/Algaecide Applications

Aquatic Doctors is one of the largest aquatic Herbicide/Algaecide applicators in Michigan. We are fully licensed and certified by the Michigan Department of Agriculture to apply aquatic herbicides and algaecides to Michigan waters. All herbicides and algaecides used are fully registered by the EPA, DEQ and MDA for aquatic use. We use a variety of state-of-the-art equipment, which fully meets state and federal regulations. At Aquatic Doctors our applicators are well experienced and able to meet any and all of your needs. Our expertise allows us the proper selection and application of the products, which best suit you. At Aquatic Doctors you can be confident we are always focusing on safety, quality and the best price possible.

Fish Management

At Aquatic Doctors we know it may become necessary to manage the population of certain fish. Fish stocking is an effective way of introducing desirable species to your water body. You are able to choose specific species, size, and numbers; customizing your fish population. The use of fish toxicants “Piscicides is often chosen for the removal of undesirable species. These undesirables can wreak havoc with the quality of your water system. Whether your needs are stocking desirable game fish, or the removal of undesirable competitive species, Aquatic Doctors can meet all your needs.

Mosquito Control

With the recent scare of “West Nile Virus” many have become concerned with mosquito control. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant pools of water, drainage ditches, temporary ponds, etc. Control is now possible. Aquatic Doctors is now offering a mosquito control program. We are currently using a biological control agent “Vectobae” this agent disrupts the mosquito, at the larvae stage, and leads to their death in 24 hours. Please contact us with any questions you may have. A program can now be set up to rid the nuisance for you and your neighbors.

Lake/Pond Management Planning

Aquatic Doctors offer a variety of integrated pest management plans. Our goal is to economically achieve a desirable aquatic environment with the least disruption to the water users and the environment. Some typical components of these plans are: site evaluation and detection, pest identification, economic, aesthetic and recreational significance, selection and use of management methods, evaluation of management methods used. Aquatic Doctors experience and knowledge allow us to custom fit the perfect plan for your water body.